Afromontane prides itself on being an ethical brand.

Our core values include:


Donating 10% of our profits to environmental causes in South Africa

We believe it is important to give our customers a chance to give back. We are committed to donating 10% of our profits to environmental causes in South Africa.  

Ensuring that our raw materials are ethically sourced

The fabrics that are used for Afromontane jackets are blue sign approved which means that the factory is recycling waste, not using harmful chemicals in the fabric or exposing their workers to harmful chemicals in the dying process.

Choosing to use wool in our jackets instead of down feathers

Giving the same warmth and comfort as down feathers, we’ve chosen to fill our jackets with wool instead because it is a sustainable resource and avoids cruelty to animals.

Making our jackets locally

All Afromontane manufacturing is done right here in Cape Town by a highly skilled technical team. We celebrate ‘keeping it local’ and believe in empowering local industry where possible in our business operations.

Conducting ethical business with all of our service providers and customers

There is a one week return policy, including a full refund excluding postage costs, for jackets that have not been worn and that are returned in perfect condition. If any faults are found with a jacket within 3 months of purchase, it will be replaced or purchase refunded including postage costs.