“Afromontane” is the name of a delicate eco-system existing in the forested regions of African Mountains; a place of peace, protection from the elements and rejuvenation of the soul.



The Afromontane clothing brand is the brainchild of Sandra Bold. It was born out of her passion for the outdoors, nature conservation and the joy of fusing style and functionality.  

Sandra grew up in the foothills of the Maluti Mountains on the border of Lesotho, born to adventurous carefree parents who spent most of their leisure time rock climbing the “koppies” of the Eastern Freestate or pioneering snow skiing in Lesotho. Sandra worked as a physiotherapist in Johannesburg for many years and, in 2006, moved to Cape Town with her husband and son.  Sandra soon grew incredibly passionate about the Western Cape’s beautiful outdoor destinations. The beauty of Cape Town awakened her creativity and inspired her to combine the many passions of her life to launch Afromontane.

Sandra is excited about growing a brand that encourages people to enjoy being outdoors, while raising awareness about the need to protect and preserve these delicate and precious natural areas. Building an ethical brand that ‘gives back’ is an ethos carried through each touch-point of Afromontane.