Afromontane strives to offer ethically sourced outdoor-urban clothing that fuses high quality technical specs with timeless, classic style. 


Inspired by the beautiful pallets of Cape Fynbos in the winter, our very first collection comprises a extra-length winter jacket with a fitted waist that keeps you warm while maintaining a stylish, feminine aesthetic. Available in silver, brown-grey and purple, our jackets are perfect for urban and outdoor use.

The specs on our extra-length winter jacket:

  • The outer fabric and lining are made from a luxurious soft nylon that has a water repellent coating. The fabric is Blue Sign approved.
  • The filling inside the jacket is Virgin Sheep wool stabilized with a corn starch extract which keeps it from separating with washing. The use of wool in outdoor clothing is becoming very popular as it has natural thermoregulatory properties, providing warmth in cold temperatures and not overheating in warmer weather. Wool absorbs moisture maintaining the feeling of being dry, and it is easily washable.
  • The zips are YKK zips.
  • The jackets come in size small (size 8-10), medium (size 12-14), large (size 16) and extra-large (size 18) in all three colours: silver, brown-grey, purple.

Care instructions: It is important to wash the jackets in Wool detergent (e.g. Woolite). They can be washed on a gentle/delicate washing machine cycle or gently by hand. To maintain the water repellence of the jacket, it is recommended not to wash too often.